Here are the top 16 questions we get asked by pet owners.

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Questions are the best source of learning


Q.1  What type of food is healthiest for my pet?  Answer

Q.2 What's best - wet or dry food?  Answer

Q. 3 My Pet seems to have trouble rising in the morning (or he's limping) What could this be? Answer

Q.4 What are worms? Do  I really need to worm my pet?  Answer

Q.5 My pet is mostly indoors.  Do I really need to Vaccinate and use flea prevention?  Answer

Q.6 What kind of Vaccinations do I need to give my pet and when? Answer

Q.7 My pet is itching constantly.  Is this due to an allergy? Answer

Q.8 I've had my puppy for 2 weeks now and she's still not housetrained.  What am I doing wrong? Answer

Q.9 My does my dog bury his bones? Answer

Q.10 Why is my cat's fur suddenly looking manegy? Answer

Q11. How can I tell if my dog has fleas? Answer

Q.12 My Dog is out of control.  She barks all the time and jumps over people.  What can I do? Answer

Q.13  How can I tell if my pet's been bitten by a snake? Answer

Q.14 How can I remove a tick off my dog? Answer

Q. 15 Is it safe to take my puppy to the park if he has not had all his vaccinations? Answer

Q. 16 What happens if my pet is just not acting like they normally do and/or is not eating and does not want to go for walks.  Should I be worried? Answer

Top 16 Questions

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