Saying Goodbye

When it's time - we are here for you and your pet

It is never easy to say goodbye.   It is a difficult decision to make.  We truly understand how hard this step is - we get you.

In nature, animals do not get to be assisted through this part of their life cycle.  It can often take days and weeks.  

However, you can help your beloved friend at this final stage by being there for them and making this part of their journey a pain-free, gentle and dignified transition.  If you are unsure about if it's time or if you have any questions or concerns - please call us on 9879 2803.

When the time comes for this final journey for your pet, our veterinarians are there for you.  We understand that you may need to talk this through with us or you may just need to have the service provided as soon as possible after coming to the decision yourself.  

We all have our own way of coping with this process and there is no “wrong” way of dealing with it - everyone has their own way of coming to this decision for their beautiful pet.

Our Difference

We provide for you a very personal service where your pet can be in their own home environment.  Or if you wish we can perform this at the Veterinary Practice at a time that suits you.  

Our experienced vets are expert at caring for your pet at all stages of their lives and we lovingly and carefully provide this pain free, gentle, smooth and dignified service for your beloved pet.

Our staff are here to assist you and can provide for you a service within your budget and one where comfort is never compromised.  It is a very personal service.

To book a euthanasia service with us either at Home or at the Practice please call  9879 2803

After the event of euthanasia, you maybe surprised at the level of emotion you express.  Everyone goes through the grieving process.  There are several stages in the process.  

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