Grief and Pet Loss


and Pet Loss

After the event of losing your pet, you maybe surprised at the level of emotion you express.   Even though it may have been a loss that was fore warned (i.e. terminal illness) or if it was via a sudden event (i.e road accident) - you will experience all stages of the grief process.

Everyone goes through the grieving process differently.  Some may stay in a certain stage for longer than others.  There is no “wrong” way to grieve.  Your process is exactly that, yours.  

The level of grief you express is a very profound outpouring of the emotion that you have for your companion.   This entire process is to be respected by yourself and others.  At this time, be gentle on yourself.

There are several stages in the  grief process.  

To read more about this process, please click the following link  The Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement

Listed below are some books we can recommend for you to read on this very topic.

Reading List

The Loss of a Pet / William Sife

Cold Noses at the Pearly Gates  / Gary Kurz

I will see you in Heaven / Jack Winz

How to Roar : Pet loss grief recovery / Robin Jean Brown

Saying Goodbye to Your Angel Animals / Allen Andersen

Children and Pet Loss : a guide for helping / Marty Toulsey

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