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Hospital Services with a Difference

Our hospital is well equipped with  modern veterinary surgical and diagnostic equipment to accommodate a wide range of surgical procedures.  We offer the highest standard of care  and use modern anaesthetic machines, as well as Pulse-Oximeters and Ap-Alert machines for monitoring the patient’s heart rate, oxygen level and  respiratory rate through out the surgery. In addition, our knowledgeable and trained nurses will be present by your pet’s side throughout the surgery to ensure that  their anaesthetic is safe.

All our instruments are autoclave sterilised and the surgeons wear caps and sterile gowns and gloves to ensure your pet undergoes sterile surgery. This means there is very little chance of post operative infections developing. The surgical table is also heated for the comfort and wellbeing of our patients during the procedure.

Our surgery and hospital can be tailored to accommodate any sized pet (cat or dog) and we also use the safest and most modern anaesthetic agents which will help to minimise the risk of anaesthetic.  

Prior to a procedure, we give you options.  We can perform a blood test to ensure that your pet’s internal organs are functioning optimally for them to undergo anaesthetic; this includes the assessment of your pet’s liver, kidneys, bile duct, electrolyte balance, white cell plus red cell numbers and function etc.

Since we have in-house blood analysis machines , this will allow us to obtain the results promptly without having to send samples away to the laboratory, which can take days to process the results.  We do all we can to minimize all risks.  Your pet's Safety and Comfort is our number one priority throughout their stay.

A wide variety of operations performed by our veterinarians take place in our hospital. This include de-sexing surgeries, caesareans, exploratory laparotomies, knee reconstructions ( cruciate repair), lump and tumour removals, dentistry and wound stitch-ups, just to name a few.


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